About us

About Redik Stream

Driven Team, Reliable Solutions

Redik is a leading technology vendor specializing in audio and video compression. With a strong and proven portfolio of products, we cater to the learning needs of modern organizations, no matter their size or complexity.

Redik Stream is our enterprise-grade streaming solution geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization requirements. Redik Stream is trusted by hundreds of companies and organizations around the world. It is currently distributed and supported through an international network of partners, making sure that end-customers receive high return on their investment.

Why Redik Stream ?

Using world best CDN

Using one of worlds best Content Delivery Network

Pioneer in the Webcasting

While we started we were only one...still we are the leaders

Affordable Pricing

Compare to the quality we offer our price is reasonable.

High end Hardware

Highly customized harware for our live streaming setup

Satisfaction Guranteed

More customer smiles gives us this confidence

Realtime Analytics

With realtime analytics we measure the reach of a program

Best encoders

Experienced with all best webcasting encoders

Secured Streaming

We create login based secured streaming

Experience team

We have the best webcast Engineers in the Industry